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Material Technology
Metpump products are 100% bonded refractory with no joints. Fine colloidal silica particle size promotes extraordinary bonding properties. Metpump products exhibit superior hot strength and mechanical strength. They also resist thermal shock, creep, erosion, abrasion and chemical attack.

Installation Technology
MMI Metpump system is delivered in 2 components: Metpump dry powder and Metset liquid binder. The product is mixed on site. Once combined, the product can be poured, pumped or shotcreted in the place of application. Our products are formulated for pumpability without dilution. Material is applied at a rate of 5 tons per hour for shotcreting and 10 tons an hour for pumping without sacrificing the quality of the final product.

Dry Out
Metpump sol-gel bonded refractory products offer the fastest possible dry-out. MMI’s dry-out time is half the required time for a traditional or cement bonded dry-out. Metpump products are unique as they do not contain any chemically bonded water. No chemically bonded water means that all free water is removed from the refractory once the temperature reaches 100C (212F).



    PRECIMETER developed a line of level control monitoring devices with its patented laser triangulation technology for level control in furnaces, launders, distributors, ingot moulds and head box in the molten metal industries.

    -The ?/I> ProH Laser probes ?/I> are distance measuring apparatus using low power class II laser beam. These devices do not require additional safety measures in the industrial environment.

    -For aluminium ingot mould and head box level monitoring, a laser probe model ProH Cd240r325-hps and a pin positioning system will generally be used for each ingot mould.

    -For the launder and distributor level monitoring, a laser probe model ProH Cd700r300-hps and a pin positioner system will generally be used.

    -For the furnace level monitoring, a laser probe model ProH Cd800r1500-hps or ProH Cd3500r2000-hps will be generally used for measurements of distances going from 90.5 �up to 224.4?

    -PRECIMETER also offers pin positioning systems and tap block activator.

    -Carli Gmbh, is now part of the Precimeter Group. Carli Gmbh is a well known German company working with molten metal level control for mainly the die-casting industry. The products offered include:

    • Inductive measuring systems withstanding up to 800°C suitable for aluminium (Al), magnesium (Mg), lead (Pb), tin (Sn), zinc (Zn). Inductive level measuring systems are used to regulate, control or measure filling levels in melt and holding furnaces, intermediate vessels, channels and launders. The measuring systems are available in a submersible version and a non-contact version.
    • Electromagnetic pumps.  This pump is able to deliver a large volume of liquid melt with a constantly adjustable performance and very high reliability.

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    ELKEM (

    The "Ceramite®" from Elkem company is a product line formulated with inorganic composite matters and densified particles in order to give superior performance in applications where wear resistance is critical.

    Elkem Ceramite? as a wear resistant material, exceeds the special steels, moulded molten basalt, metal frames, rubber and all other new wear resistant materials. Ceramite?is also employed in the applications where high temperatures conditions and thermal shocks are present;

    NOTE: A specialized team is available to carry out your refractory repairs and/or construction projects.


    Mid-Mountain manufactures products from a variety of materials to withstand temperatures that range from 400�F ?230�C to over 3000�F ?1649�C. Along with producing a wide range of textile products such as cloth, tape, rope, and sleeving. Mid - Mountain specializes in the manufacture of coated fabrics, fabricated thermal protection components, high performance insulation materials and select refractory specialties (i.e. moldables, coating, rigidizers).


    Rex Materials Group specializes in the design and manufacture of custom and standard refractory shapes to fill the specific needs attached to the aluminium, magnesium and other metal casting industries. Rex Materials Group is one of the world largest manufacturers of vacuum formed ceramics.

    1. Insulating refractory moldable "PYROFORM E-Z FILL nfp " for repair or construction. Available in 10.3 ounces tubes and 5 gallons pails;

    2. "PYROFORM HP" castings for launders and casting tables;

    3. "PYROLITE" castings for launders requiring a minimum of heat losses; Vacuum formed ceramic hand ladles and skimmers with removable handle (you can fix them with Pyroform E-Z Fill).

    4. "PYROFORM SEALER" for refractory protection against molten metal attacks and adherence control;

    5. "PYROFORM E-Z POUR" is a granular insulator for launders and others;

    6. Electrical heating covers for launders and filtration systems;

    7. Auto dams for accurate metal stoppage and metal direction flow control.;

    8. FUSION 2 N TM castings are fused silica products from National Affiliated Technologies that offer superior non-wetting properties, great dimensional stability and thermal shock resistance.


    JUVAL manufactures flux and additives for the aluminium foundries and general metal casters.

    JUVAL carries a full line of multi-purpose fluxes, cover flux es, cleaning fluxes, dross-off fluxes, mould coatings, degassers, grain refiners and alloying elements in biscuit form ( TiBAl 5/1, TiBAl 3/1, TiBAl 5/0.2, TiBAl 3/0.2, AlB6, AlT, AlSr10, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, TiB, Ti, Zn, Ni, Sr) for the aluminium and general metal casting industry . JUVAL is an experienced producer of fluxes and additives for foundry. Moreover it has the production, treatment and distribution equipments for which is certified ISO 9002.

    JUVAL�s ALU FUNDEX EXTRA is used with the majority of aluminium alloys. It is excellent for the aluminium recovery in dross. For more information on the list of the products available and their applications, consult JUVAL�s web site.

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